Ink Me 2016!!!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with you my journey into getting my first tattoos! I wrote a poem about it and also have a video – Ink Me 2016 that shows the process along with the finished products. In the video you can also see a little bit of my neighborhood in the background. Enjoy!

Ink Me 

Painful…not really
Never been cat clawed
So I can’t compare

Messages and pictures
Depicting various ideas
A canvas is the skin
Ink inserted carefully

Dental tools is the sound
Making its mark
A statement if you will
Not easily removed

Frowned upon by some
Celebrated by others
Addicting by most
Can’t stop at one

Meaningful to me
The only way I would
Honored my dad first
A form of closure

Had to get a second
Celebrating my mother
Before she ascends
Did I mention they’re addicting?

What will I get next?
Matching ones
My sister and I
A symbol of some sort

No need for a retort
Your ink is bound to paper
My boundaries are broader
Paper won’t do

by Puritee


Welcome to my page! I am excited and honored you decided to stop by. I hope your experience will always be memorable whether you love me, hate me, or laugh with me on any given day:-)

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