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I’m excited to share a small piece of me before going away to China by  gifting my first book of short stories and poetry in PDF format to each of you. I will keep this short so you can spend more of your time reading my book:-)

I welcome & would appreciate your comments and feedback. May your days be full of color, life, and great stories.

Sweet and Sour Encounters by Puritee


Download: Sweet and Sour Encounters by Puritee (PDF)


  1. Tou better go ahead Q!! I am already always hyper andncome alive in the night time but reading your blogs and now a book!? I’m on a Torre type level of hyper lol. So glad that you’re meeting people and learning more about yourself. I must say, reading that “your dreams got wilder and you got more creative” scares me…because you were a pretty lucid dreamer with a imagination and plenty of creativity that was outta this world(literally lol) China. See what i did there? Stay prayed up and keep a list of good foods for me when i decide to come one day to then go into Thailand. Be well. JJ

    • Ha! Yes I see what you did there 😉 Don’t be scared just come dream with me!!! Come on out the water is nice 🙂 Appreciate you Bro!!!

  2. Robert De La Torre

    I’m so excited for you Ms.Q !
    You have arrived looking forward to read and experience china with you…
    Love you,
    Robert D.L.T

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