Thailand 2016!!!

The Mindfulness Project was so incredible that it needed its own blog. My trip to Thailand as a whole also warrants its own blog. One of my main motivators for choosing Thailand for my Winter Break trip was to get the heck out of the cold! The idea of beaches, clean air, warm sun and seeing another part of Asia sounded good to me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in so many ways. I love Thai food and it was also great to enjoy food from other nationalities as well. And then there’s good old Bangkok where you can find any and everything to get into. It sort of reminds me of the saying, “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” So I won’t share my entire trip with you…just the highlights haha. I went to Bangkok, Koh Phangan, and Khon Kaen. Each place has its own unique flavor.

After leaving the Project, a new friend and I traveled to Bangkok together as I had planned to volunteer at a hostel because it sounded like a wonderful place for artists. The short story is that it was terrible and I searched online to find a different place to stay immediately. It was the best thing that could have happened because we stumbled upon this place called “Once Again Hostel.” It was newly built, great staff, and by far one the best hostels I’ve encountered. It’s here that I met even more amazing people and we went to sky bars, restaurants, the famous Khaosan Rd, drank, laughed, and shared our lives with each other. There is this oneness that I feel is created with people who share the same traveler’s DNA. We don’t have to explain to each other why. We can all just relax, share and be in the travel.

Since my plans didn’t work out to volunteer at that other hostel, I decided to connect with one of my friends who I knew was still in Thailand after leaving the project. We ended up meeting in Koh Phangan. What was even cooler is that another one of our friends from the project met us there. We had so much fun. We stayed at beach front properties, had infinity pools, connected with some other people and lived well (This was all done on a budget). Thailand is great for having night markets where you can taste a variety of foods from different food vendors, listen to some music and walk around. Oooh! I had the best yellow watermelon while I was there. Yes! Yellow watermelon. It was so sweet and refreshing that I became a watermelon snob turning my nose up to regular watermelon haha. I went to a cooking class and made some silver jewelry. What a beautiful trip.

It was also one of the most difficult times for me as well. After the hostel fell through, I really wanted to go to this 7 day vipassana retreat (which is a time of complete silent meditation for 7 days). When my friend and I arrived at the retreat site, it was completely full. I was so upset that I didn’t have words and it took a while for me to bounce back. From that point, it seemed like so many things weren’t going my way…craziness. It was then I understood more deeply the power of positive/negative energy and letting go. It was also then I learned that I needed to get a handle on this before I have an unnecessary heart attack. I’m pretty flexible most of the time. But there are times when if something doesn’t go as planned my entire being transforms into this Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil and by the end of the rampage I am so depleted of energy and feel so bad. And all of this happens inwardly. However, everyone around can feel the struggle and may even feel like it’s their fault because of the energy I’m giving off being so strong. I truly thank my two friends for putting up with me as I was fighting through this. The mantra that I came back to China with is “I’m open to unconditional love and letting go.” My eyes were really opened on this trip and I decided I never want to feel or be that way again so I’m not.

Thailand! If you come to party, chill on the beach, meditate, enjoy the sites, play with the elephants, snorkel, cliff diving, or a little of everything – you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve made another video to share my experience with you Thailand-2016. I hope you enjoy and maybe it will inspire you to go somewhere. But be warned…once you start you may not want to stop!



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